Our cooperation with the Non Profit Organization Red Deporte

Bindia 1 30 original - Our cooperation with the Non Profit Organization Red Deporte

8227601612 73a11edbeb o 300x200 - Our cooperation with the Non Profit Organization Red DeporteAt Ertheo we believe that education and sports are two fundamental pillars that a child must use in order to grow healthy, happy and prepared for the future.

We are aware that unfortunately, not all children have access to education or the means in which to practice sports and that is something that concerns us. As we tried to improve the situation of these children we found the Non Profit Organization Red Deporte (Sports Network).

What is Red Deporte and what does it do?

Red Deportes is a Non Profit Organization founded in 1999 that today operates in more than 20 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Its primary objective is to promote education, basic health and social integration for youngsters through sports.

How do they do it?

They believe strongly that sports educate and unite people. They perform the following activities:

  • Provide sport and educational spaces in areas without means
  • Create courses to teach sport managers as a positive leading tool among youngsters
  • Create sport tournaments and educational activities

14872572496 3979366c74 o 300x225 - Our cooperation with the Non Profit Organization Red DeporteWhat is their objective?

  • That everyone can have access to education
  • Help youngsters to overcome their traumas
  • Reconcile youngsters in various areas of conflict
  • Promote gender equality
  • Prevent HIV
  • Promote healthy lifestyle habits

Our cooperation – United for a good cause

Ertheo and Red Deportes are two institutions dedicated to different areas but united with the same philosophy, Promote sports and education amongst youngsters in order to improve their future.

Because sports are much more than exercise…, it is a very valuable tool that helps youngsters of all social categories to grow as a person, to have healthy lifestyle habits, a fighting spirit, a discipline and a maturity that helps them fight the obstacles that are in their way in order to accomplish what they seek in life.

How do we cooperate with Red Deporte?

Our cooperation goes way beyond contributing financially every month. We want to contribute our knowledge and experience to help Red Deporte obtain many more donations so they can continue to help youngsters in need all over the world.

We all know the saying “In Union makes strength” and that is our objective. They are experts in helping youngsters in need and we know online marketing.

We are working among other things to improve:

  • The optimization of their web page
  • Their social network strategy
  • Their Adwords account

In addition , we are advising them so they can receive more company donations and cooperation.

How can one contribute to this cause?

8227602660 4467d7e9be o 300x224 - Our cooperation with the Non Profit Organization Red DeporteBy contracting a sports program through Ertheo, you are already cooperating indirectly with Red Deporte. And it is reassuring to know that what helps your child grow can also improve the future of other children.

But if you wish, you can also cooperate with them actively, any contribution is positive when you contribute for a good cause.

If, with these actions, we can achieve that Red Deporte is more visible, meaning that the more people know about them, the more donations and resources they can obtain, then we have all won.

We hope that our grain of sand can help move mountains of hope and that many can join in order to improve the future of youngsters without resources with the help of sports and education.

If you also believe that sports and education is the best path to improving the life of youngsters, do not hesitate! Visit their web page  and learn about the great work that they do. Help us to help!